Wünsdorf – the forbidden city

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‘The forbidden city’ is almost the best invitation you can send me. So this location, a one hour train ride from Berlin Hauptbahnhof, had been on my to-do list for a long time.

This used to be the Red Army’s headquarter during the cold war, a HUGE settlement fenced off even for the East Germans. Most of the site has been neglected or torn down, to be replaced by a sleepy village. But left-overs can be found everywhere on this vast site and would have required another full day of exploring.

Anyway, we opted for the shorter version, just going to the former Officer’s Buildings and (as an exception) pay an entrance fee to the local guards. For that money, you do get one of the best urban explorer experiences though. A Lenin statue, an abandoned theatre, or two lost swimming pools to name some examples. The only thing that was missing was the fear of being caught.

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