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Berlin wanted to organize the Olympic Games of 2000. They didn’t succeed, but it did bring some new buildings. The Max Schmeling Halle is one of them, the Velodrom the other. The French architect Dominique Perrault designed a beautiful complex with many shapes and layers. On the roof a city park was built. In the eastern part is a huge swimming pool, on the western side the indoor cycle track of the Velodrom.

The round venue has one of the biggest steel roof constructions of Europe. The enormous diameter (112 meter!) doesn’t exactly make it a cozy venue, especially because the entrance is strangely hidden on the side of the railway tracks. The Velodrom is also regularly being used for concerts, I once saw Marilyn Manson there. On those nights 12.000 people easily find a place in the hall. The Velodrom is by the way also sometimes known as the Berlin Arena.

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