Mercedes Benz Arena

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Berlin didn’t really have a huge indoor venue for concerts and professional sports until 2008. In that year, after of course lengthy debates, the O2 World opened its doors. The discussion wasn’t really about the necessity for the multifunctional venue by the way, but more about the plans for surrounding offices and apartment buildings under the MediaSpree moniker. That plan is now being realised bit by bit, in the meantime the O2 World was?is in a kind of no man’s land.

The enormodrome has a capacity of 17.000. On the outside the huge blue front and the even bigger wall of LEDs are the most eyecatching features. They change the venue into a huge LED screen. Around the venue there are some parking facilities, but it is much easier to use public transport. The Alba basketball team and the ice hockey heroes of the Eisbären use it as their homebase. Tickets are usually available through the official site.

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