Max Schmeling Halle

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Large-scale concerts are rarely intimate. But from the big venues in Berlin, the Max Schmeling Halle is without a doubt the best. The building, named after a famous boxer, was originally planned for the attempt to bring the Olympic Games to Berlin in 2000. Despite the failed attempt, the hall was built anyway. It is still in use for the Füchse handball team, and used to be the homebase of the Alba basketballers (they moved to the O2 World now).

The Max Schmeling Halle has a capacity of around 8.500 during sport events, during concerts around 11.900 fit in. Madonna and The Killers played gigs here recently. The building has been sunk into thr ground partially and therefore integrates nicely into the surroundings. The stands are steep, the audience is on top of the pitch, which explains the great atmosphere during events. Please be so smart to not take the car: there is hardly any parking space in this residential area.


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