Holocaust Denkmal

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Germans love a good discussion, but the commotion around the Holocaust Denkmal lasted very very long. Debates about the location. About the design. About Romas and gays that were also victims of the nazis and thus deserved their own memorial site.

Some of these discussions will propably never end. The gays got their own small memorial, on the edge of Tiergarten. But the millions of tourists go to the other side of the street to the Holocaust Denkmal, those endless rows of concrete coffins (I cannnot interpret it any other way) close to Brandenburger Tor.

Architect Peter Eisenman and sculptor Richard Serra apparently wanted to cause a feeling of disorientation amongst the visitors. The terrain sometimes goes up, then twists and bends down, swallows you because the concrete rises many metres above you. On every corner you can expect a surprise, as the concrete cubes have been built close together on purpose. And amidst al that stone you can sometimes find a sign of life, in the shape of a tree,

The Judisches Museum is architecturally more impressive and historically more elaborate. The Holocaust Denkmal is easier and faster to digest, with a small museum with amongst others the most famous names that became victims of the Holocaust.


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