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After the fall of the wall in 1989 public anger was initially aimed at the headquarters of the Stasi (secret service) in the Normannenstraße, also converted into a museum by the way. A kilometre further north, in a fenced off area in Hohenschönhausen, it remained quiet.

Strange, regarding the fact it was a place with a past. Immediately after the Second World War the Russians built interrogation facilities there. Under inhumane circumstances suspects were locked up in the basement, far away from daylight, to break them mentally. Later the Stasi expanded the jail and improved the circumstances of the prisoners slightly. But the isolation cells and interrogation techniques remained aimed at mentally cracking down enemies of the state.

Nowadays the Gedenkstätte Hohenschönhausen isn’t so unknown anymore. 300.000 visotirs come around every year for a tour, that usually leaves a lasting impression. Groups of up to six persons don’t have to book in advance and can just report to the reception to join a tour.


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