Helmut Newton Museum

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For most men this is the perfect excuse to watch pictures of naked women: the femme fatales in the photographs of Helmut Newton are stylishly and artistically portrayed. The German photographer succeeded in shooting highly controlled, arty pictures and being paid big money for that as well, mainly by fashion magazines.

He was known for planning his photo sessions to the last detail. It made his photos powerful, sometimes a bit smooth, and world famous. Some of his pictures became iconic. Even before his death in 2003 he was so smart (or vain) to leave his archive to a foundation, that would permanently get two floors in the then still to be established Museum fur Fotografie. That building, a former casino and library directly behind Zoologischer Garten station, has thus since its opening in 2004 pretty much been the Helmut Newton Museum. For those who love photography (and/or pictures of naked women), it’s a must-see.

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