Bunker von Boros

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Former bomb shelter during the Second World War, former storage building for groceries, former techno cathedral for raunchy gay sex parties. Nowadays: an awesome private art collection from Christian Boros, open to the public.

The owner and his family are living in a beautiful rooftop loft. The concrete bunker was completely renovated, which mostly meant cutting through three metres thick walls and ceilings to create exhibition space.

That space is being used for works of famous artists like Wolfgang Tillmans and Ai Weiwei, but from their early career days. Because Boros tries to support new and emerging artists and proves to have an excellent taste for that again and again.

The exhibition changes every four years (next time: 2016) and can only be visited as part of a guided tour (to be booked weeks in advance). But if you’re alone and patient, you might also just hop in and wait to take the place of someone who cancelled his reservation on short notice.

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