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The area around Judisches Museum is a strange kind of no man’s land, almost in the heart of the city. Is it Mitte? Is it Kreuzberg? Why is there space to build something here? And where are the pubs and hospitality that typify almost every other quarter of the city?
It’s all missing, but in the middle of this barren area you can apparently find two museums. Apart from the Judisches Museum, the Berlinische Galerie is also definitely worth a visit. The former warehouse for glass as been converted into a clean white building with an impressive permanent collection of contemporary art, especially from artists from Berlin. But the temporary exhibitions are the true visitors magnet for this relatively unknown museum. Ideal to combine with the Judisches Museum to be off the streets for an entire day, though you would need some time afterwards to find a restaurant or a drinking place…


  1. Jeroen

    Wandel langs Lindenstrasse noordwaarts en je vindt een paar redelijke Italiaanse restaurants. Beter nog, het is maar een paar honderd meter naar het fantastische Westberlin cafe:

    • idealcrash (Author)

      Thanks voor de tip, klinkt smakelijk 🙂

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