Bar Luzia

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You sometimes see these types who are quasi-carelessly sipping their cappuccino. Thick, black spectacle frame, MacBook in front of them, the Crumpler bag shoved against the table. They are the ‘digital bohemians’, usually working in the new media sector, and always very hip.

I myself sometimes resemble this description frighteningluy well, though I don’t have a Crumpler bag (but a , be prepared, even cooler one by Vaho). The differnece is that I don’t care whether a pub or club is hip or not. The digital bohemians though only visit the hip hotspots. And Bar Luzia… threads the thin line between these two.

The interior seems collected randomly, but is probably better thought-through than you would initially expect. Thank god the no-no’s (no-nonsense people) are forming the majority of the audience. Which probably also has to do with the location, as the Oranienstrasse and surrounding area can sometimes be pretty tough. But what speaks even more in favor of the Luzia: they really have excellent coffee.

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