An der alten Försterei

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Football romantics definitely need to make the trip to An der alten Försterei, the small stadium of 1.FC Union Berlin. During my first visit the terraces were still without a roof: after a major renovation, partially executed by volunteers, the entire stadium is covered now.

Union is much more rooted in the local population then its bigger brother Hertha BSC. The thing that united and still unites everyone, is that the club never bowed to the ‘Stasi’ club BFC Dynamo Berlin during the GDR days. It gave the club a cult status that it still exploits under the motto ‘Eisern Union’ (iron union). They never played at the highest level, and you don’t want to think about the possibility that you have to host Bayern Munich at An der alte Försterei. But the stadium in the far east of the city is pure footbal nostalgia: terraces, Bratwurst, low admission prices and an example of true club love (disclaimer: I am a season ticket holder and therefore not entirely without prejudice).


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